Tuesday, March 22, 2011

An update on Joey

This morning we were up at way-too-frickin-early to go to the diagnostics center to have Joey's gallbladder radiation scan. Which, thanks to the lovely loophole in Joey's health insurance was not covered AT ALL, so we're on the hook for the costs of the scan.

For whatever reason, I was not allowed to go back to the room to be with Joey during the scan, though other couples were allowed to go back together. Still, after two hours of sitting in an aesthetically pleasing but frankly uncomfortable chair, the test was over and we went home. Joey was feeling a little crappy, so I stayed with him and took my lunchtime so we could both rest and relax a bit before heading out to our respective days of work/school/work.

I was in a work meeting most of the afternoon, but when I got back to my desk, Joey had called. Our doctor had his scan results, and it shows that his gallbladder function is abnormal. So, our next meeting is with a surgeon to consult about his upcoming gallbladder surgery. Wish us luck.

To help offset the financial hit of this, I am once again putting many, many needle holes in my fingers to make you lovely folks items at a discounted price. Head over to The Whimsy Beading Etsy Shop and purchase anything you desire or request a custom item for 20% off. Just use coupon code JOEY20 at checkout.


  1. I'll add you to my prayers. Would you be offended if I offerred to auction off a few of my pieces to help?

  2. Not offended. I'm deeply touched that you would offer, but I'm kind of stubborn when it comes to taking help like that. I'll do it for other people, but I'm terrible at accepting it. I'd rather earn my money than ask for a donation.

  3. Then I'll just have to see what I want to buy from you then :)

  4. Mind if I put a link to your site on mine? It might help, it might not

  5. That's very sweet of you to offer. Feel free.


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