Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Leather Snob

I have a weakness for Coach purses. I treated myself to my first Coach when I graduated from college, and have carried them almost exclusively ever since. But lest you think that I have more money than sense to spend that kind of money on a purse, I'll freely and fully admit that the styles I tend to like in Coach bags leans toward the conservative, and I have no problems at all buying them at an outlet store or even *gasp* eBay. I do research the model number and the serial number if I buy from an eBay seller, though. Luckily, the bags I like are the ones that are least likely to be copied. I've never been a fan of the "Signature" series items. Just put the name on the hangtag, but the hangtag had better darned well be there!

Sometimes, though, I am unfaithful to my handbag love. While shopping online, I ran into a good deal on an Etienne Aigner bag that was in a style I liked at a very good price, so I bought it. And while it's a good handbag on its own, the leather did not have the same feel as a Coach bag, and I found myself wishing I'd held out for a Coach bag, just so I could have that wonderful feeling leather again.

I tried to make it work out with Etienne, I really did. We lasted just over a month. Then I had a reconciliation date with my Coach Legacy small bag I use when going to bead shows, and the attraction was too strong to deny. I found myself scouring eBay listings to find a welcoming bag, and I found it in a Bleeker Medium Hobo Bag in Chocolate Brown. It arrived today.

Alas, poor Etienne. It was a fast, but brutal breakup.


  1. I first fell in love with Coach while in college - I love the solid leathers, not the fabric bags. It was a dark, rich red and the leather felt like butter. I never bought it, as it was $200 and I was a broke-ass college student, but I always remember that purse for some reason. Nowadays, instead of carrying a purse, I can generally fit everything I need to carry into my smallish, chocolate leather wristlet from, you guessed it, Coach.

  2. I have a Coach satchel that is far too large for my everyday needs. I'd like to find it a good home.

  3. I LOVE that purse. It is a beauty!!! I would love to own a Coach.

  4. I LOVE that purse. It is a beauty!!! I would love to own a Coach.

  5. What I love best is that Coach leather wears like iron. I have a Hamptons hobo that I've carried almost non-stop for years and it still looks fantastic.

  6. You should post pix of your favorite purses :)


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