Friday, March 11, 2011

Grey's AL Valentine's Goodies and other stuff

The lovely Grey of Le Gothique held a Valentine's poetry giveaway, and I was one of the lucky winners of some Aromaleigh limited edition 2011 Valentine's eyeshadows and other goodies. Take a look for yourself!

I also splurged and got myself Benefit's "Get Figgy" cream eyeshadow. It's a soft medium heather purple, a little darker than I normally use on daytime eye looks, but the purple really shows the green in my eyes. My eyes are normally called "hazel" but instead of the usual brown/green, mine are grey/green with brown centers. I used to wish I had a different eye color (such as Joey's lovely bottle green - seriously, my husband has pretty, pretty eyes), but I have come to love my own eye color, even though it doesn't fall under cosmetic makers set definitions of green or hazel.

And lastly, I have two promises for this weekend. One, we're going for Indian food tomorrow night at my favorite locally owned Indian restaurant, and two, after my hair cut yesterday (a maintenance cut as my hair grows out), I'm in desperate need of new color and highlights. I can't decide which color to use for my highlights, though. I have three shades of red/pinks, one hot pink, and a purple. I'm ready for spring, so I'm thinking it's going to be the hot pink, even thought it's Manic Panic, and Manic Panic doesn't stay in my hair worth a crap.

What say you, readers? Does hot pink and black strike your fancy?


  1. Hot pink and black is awesome!

  2. Consider my fancy struck! Also, have a piece of naan for me.

  3. When you come to visit again, we will go have a curry together.

  4. It's spring- I'm ready for green hair! But for you I vote hot pink.

  5. Hey Kelly! I have just given you a Stylish Blogger Award - check my blog to see what to do!

    See you tomorrow night for some hot data entry action!


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