Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Swarovski Spring

Swarovski has released their update on new products that will be available in their Spring/Summer 2011-12 release. Right now, I'm just going to go over the bead colors, because I CAN NOT WAIT to get my hot little hands on these.

First up is Chrysolite Opal

I have a love-hate relationship with the opal beads. If I love 'em I really love 'em, but if I hate 'em (Grey Opal, I'm looking at you), I really hate 'em. This one definitely goes into the "Love" pile. I want it yesterday. Can you imagine how it would look paired with Provence Lavender and maybe Violet Opal? I can, and the waiting is killing me.

Next up, Crystal Bronze Shade

I hate playing the "OMG STEAMPUNK" card, because most of my designs just aren't all that Steampunk, no matter how much I love the aesthetic in general. I absolutely refuse to paste watch parts and gears on things just so I can say they're Steampunk. I think both things have their place in Steampunk inspired works, but they just don't work for me. Still, these bronze sparkly lovelies will hopefully inspire me into a more steamy arena of design.

Onward to another Steamy inspiration, Topaz Blend

They look like little chocolates, don't they? Maybe it's just me and I want some chocolate. That might be it. Moving on.

Finally, there's Amethyst Shade

Now these are exciting. I love me some purple. I order Purple Velvet bicones by the multi gross packs and go through them at a prodigious rate. Same thing for Amethyst, Light Amethyst, you get the picture. What could be better than several shades of purple in one bead? I will you have you, my pretty, oh yes I will.

What about you? Do any of these colors inspire you to create something new and wonderful?

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