Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Better Fashion Through Television

After many years of living in clothing that does not fit my style or flatter me because it was the only clothing in my size, I've decided to revamp things, and my style icon of choice is the lovely Penelope Garcia of Criminal Minds, regardless of what the new TV critic at thinks of her. I think she's glorious, with a fabulous figure. In a culture that celebrates only the thinnest, it's a refreshing change to see someone with her incredible curves dressing in things other than the printed muumuus that signify "fat person" - clothing that even vendors of plus size clothing try to pawn off on women of size as their only clothing options. Well, I say no more!

So, from now on, no colors that do not flatter me. Mix 'n' match twin sets? Good. Funky prints are awesome. And while I can't wear her fabulous footwear, I do have a nice collection of Dansko clogs in funky finishes. They're work appropriate while still in keeping with my magpie tendencies AND they make walking a joy again.

The hair I already had. I've had pink streaks in my hair of varying shades of pink since 2009, and people are not only accustomed to it, but they actually become upset when the pink is not there, like the one time I colored over them. But in addition to the pink streaks, I've started adding pretty bobby pins, flower clips and other such adornments, most of them bought or traded from fabulous Etsy sellers like this Peacock and Pheasant Feather Fan Hairclip by daniAWESOME , or these Bollywood Bobby Pins by Cultivar, not to mention the fabulous Sashiko Stars Kanzashi Bobby Pins from PetalMix that I just got today.

I want to be as awesome as Penelope Garcia when I grow up. That may never happen, but by dressing more like her and treating myself like I am worthy of pretty clothing and better looks, I feel better and I have more confidence, and that's invaluable to anyone. Rock on, Penelope, rock on.


  1. Right on my twin by a different family! Have you ever checked out Coldwater Creek for clothes? They are a bit more expensive but they have really cool embellished shirts and I've gotten some great work pants there.

  2. Alas, Coldwater Creek does not offer extended sizes. You think plus size fashion gets the short end of the stick? Extended size girls get even LESS of that stick. Even the companies that focus on plus size clothing relegate us shapeless, tent-like clothing.


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