Monday, November 28, 2011

F- the malls...

...and shop some Indie! Falalalalalalala.

I think that's the right number of "lalala"s after the "Fa" there.

And I'll bet you think you know what the "F" is for up there in the title, right? Well, if you think it means "forget," you're right!

Seriously folks, shop indie and local this holiday season. You'll be able to choose unique, handmade, well made gifts that help support small businesses everywhere. Sure, it may not be a cheap waffle iron, but you won't need to pepper spray anybody to get that fabulous gift, either.

Shop indie, shop local, and *ahem* "f"(orget) the malls this year.


  1. Amen, sister.  And I think you're short a "la"?  Maybe.  That's actually really hard to gauge. My eyes are getting slightly crosseyed.  o.0 

  2. I totally agree! I really don't have any money to spend this holiday season, but if any appears I will definitely be supporting small businesses!

  3. Shopping in malls can really cause so much stress that is why I chose to shop on line whenever I am looking for bags, shoes, jewelry and women's tees.


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