Saturday, November 26, 2011

It's Soda! Part 2

As promised, here is my review of Holika Holika's Soda Light Cleansing Oil, for oily skin. I bought my bottle from bello-girl on ebay.

Soda Light Cleaning Oil contains argan oil, grapeseed oil, Harrogate spring water, lemon extracts and "alpine herb" extracts (I'm not sure which herb) to help cleanse your skin of makeup. My impression is that it's oil cleansing for people who want the benefits of OCM, with the ease of a cleanser. I've been using it daily for the past week.

So how well does it live up to my impression? Very well indeed, actually. The first time I used the Soda cleansing oil, I was wearing Benefit's They're Real mascara, which you may recall I said was hell to take off. The Soda cleanser was able to take it off in far less time than my grapeseed/sunflower/castor oil OCM blend, and the Soda cleanser also removed my eye makeup and face makeup (including BB cream) with lightning speed and no irritation.

 It's also quite easy to remove once it's done its job of breaking loose all your dirt and makeup. A warm, damp washcloth will remove the oil easily from your face, and in my case, it left my face feeling clean, but not overly stripped or dry.

Then there's the smell of Soda Light Cleansing Oil. If you like lemon, herbal smells, then you'll love using this product. It smells fresh, clean, and slightly sweet, like an herbal lemonade. It certainly makes using Soda Light Cleansing Oil a pleasure every evening.

Which leads us to the downsides of Soda Light Cleansing Oil. The first one is cost. At $19.99, it's not anywhere near as budget friendly as making your own OCM blends, nor will it last as long. I expect my bottle of Soda Light Cleaning Oil to last me about a month, and that's using two pumps from the dispenser every day. What you get in convenience (pre-mixed, fast removal, ease of use), you lose in cost per use.

The second downside is if you really love Soda Light Cleansing Oil (and I really do), you'll need to purchase it from an overseas seller. Those packages tend to take two or more weeks to get to the US and they come registered mail, so you have to either pick them up at the post office, or be home when they arrive to sign for them.

All in all, the benefits of the product outweigh the downsides. I highly recommend Soda Light Cleansing Oil and enjoy using it, so I will be repurchasing when the time comes.

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