Thursday, April 28, 2011

Keeping some sunshine on your face

The late, great philospher Mudbone used to say "Always keep some sunshine on your face." I'm certainly trying, though it hasn't been easy. This has been a week of great ups and downs for me. On the upside, Joey and I went to the wonderful, fantabulous, and completely awesome Decemberists show on Tuesday night. If I hadn't already loved Colin Meloy and his amazing bandmates, I love them now. Even Mother Nature couldn't argue with my dear Colin, holding off her wrath until the show was over. We drove home in the storm, tired but happy.

On the downside, things have been stressful, at least, more stressful than usual because Joey's surgery is tomorrow. I know it's a routine procedure and he's expected to come through just fine, but still I worry.

It's also been a week for some very crappy weather. It's rained most every day, and we've had a small taste of what my friends in Alabama have been going through with tornado warnings most every night. My loved ones in Alabama are thankfully okay, though the state has been very hard hit.

But tonight when I left work, the sun was shining, the sky was blue and I just had to stop for a second and be thankful, and scoop up a little sunshine, to keep some sunshine on my face.

It's words to live by.


  1. *Hugs* You all will be in my thoughts tomorrow!

  2. Sunshine sure does make everything seem a little more ok.

    Sending healing white light to Joey tomorrow and love and strength to you both!


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