Monday, April 11, 2011

Joey's surgery - Update

Joey will be having gallbladder removal surgery at 11 am on Friday, April 29th. My mother asked me yesterday if I would like her to come with me on that day, and to be honest, I hadn't really thought that far ahead. Everything has been a bit of a blur with everything else I've got going on right now. This is an odd numbered year, so I've got things going on at work that I only do every two years, and on top of that, there's planning for my upcoming furlough day (yay for day off, not so yay for no pay) prep for a craft show we're attending in May, Etsy team stuff (go TeamBluegrass!), Wear the Lilac charity work, filing state income and reseller certificate taxes and just the normal day-to-day stuff like cat feeding, cat slavery, cat petting, cat worshiping, and doggie love.

So, long story short, I gave my mother a blank look yesterday at lunch, then told her it would be fine if she wanted to come up for the surgery. Joey's mother will be there too, and whoever else shows up, shows up. As long as Joey comes out in one piece, less the bit giving him pain, I'll be happy.

1 comment:

  1. I'm with you on cat worshipping. My thoughts are with you dear.


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