Thursday, April 21, 2011

Got my hair did!

I was trying to grow out my hair, but with thick, heavy hair, that's not easy during Spring and Summer in the South.

So, I opted for a short bob that would be easy to grow out.

This is the style I picked:

I have a really good relationship with my stylist, and we've known one another for years. She knows that I'll generally choose a style that works with my hair's weight and texture and that I don't expect to look exactly like the picture I bring in. Still, we got pretty damned close:

I love how the new cut really puts emphasis on my pink highlights. They looked washed out in the picture, but they're nice and bright. I'll try to get a better picture later on.


  1. Looks great!!! Wish I was brave enough to do vivid colors in mine!!!

  2. Oh, I like it! I really love the color too. That style suits you.


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