Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Lady Must Have Her Gloves

For some time now, I'd been on the hunt for a pair of warm, functional yet pretty fingerless gloves. Well now, I hear you say, that shouldn't be too hard, should it? Etsy is swimming in them.

That's true, but I'm allergic to wool. I can't even handle alpaca for very long without breaking out. And cheap acrylic yarn? Allergic to that too. It's been hell on my knitting life, I don't mind telling you.

So what do you do when you want a pair of toasty fingerless gloves to keep your typing hands warm in a cold office, which at work can sometimes mean quite cold indeed, but the bulk of the items on offer would leave you with hands that were not only still cold, but irritated, itchy and sore? As (my favorite) Ninth Doctor once said, you narrow it down a bit. I found one seller offering fingerless gloves of fleece, and began hunting in earnest.

I wanted something pretty this time. Something feminine. A little ruffle, a little delicacy, to contrast against my military styled winter jacket. That's when I found these beauties by rumstadt on Etsy. Acrylic polar fleece, in the most somber of charcoal grey, with a single ruffle running down the length of the glove. I bought them without a second thought.

Photo credit: rumstadt on Etsy

When they arrived, I tried them on nervously. I am, as I have previously stated, a plus-size girl. An extended size girl, as a matter of fact. Finding clothing and accessories to fit me is not as easy as you might think. These gloves fit like a dream on the first go. They were so comfy and warm, I wore them all that work day, and all the way home. I plan on picking up at least one more pair for myself and a pair as a gift this holiday season.

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  1. So glad you mentioned these gloves! I've been looking for something exactly like this for a while now--it's been getting quite chilly in the library recently. Just ordered a pair myself (merry Christmas to me?) but I had to go for the Hootie Owls.


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