Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Kelly Bobs Her Hair

I have a longing/love affair with the many variations of the bob hair cut. It's been my chosen cut since I was 14 years old, and I've had my hair in a bob more often than just about any other cut.

Each time I get my hair bobbed, I swear I'll never stray from its lovely look again, but we both know I'm a liar. I start looking for other, newer cuts, and then one day, the length that made up my bob is gone away and it takes me forever to grow it back out. Now, my hair actually grows really fast thanks to the battle between two endocrinal/autoimmune conditions that cause hair to either grow too much or too little, but I'm not complaining really.

It's just...I like new haircuts. I like trying new styles. And yet, I always come back to my bob.

Which I have done tonight.

I have a not-quite-chin length, A-line, stacked bob with bangs. My hairdresser has styled it in a lovely straight, smooth style, but I can tell you that come tomorrow morning, it will be wavy and messy. Come the weekend, I plan on dying it purple-black and putting in some pink. I've been told off at work a few times for not having my pink streaks in for a while.

And it will still be my bob. Welcome back, bob. I've missed you.

P.S. You can also see how the OCM is working for me. This is me with BB cream on from this morning, no powder and no photo tricks other than to brighten the lighting a bit and correct the photo temperature and size.

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