Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Best Colored Lip Balm in the Universe

No, I'm serious.

I hope the lovely and talented Grey doesn't mind me "me tooing" her Pick of the Week post like an AOLer hopped up on Skittles and a double espresso, but I just have to give some love to my favorite indie lipstick maven ever, Morgana of Morgana's Cryptoria.

In early July, Morgana released her new line of awesome lip balms. I snagged Fusion, Luminous Lava, Countess Bathory and Eternal, then proceeded to squee like crazy when my package arrived.

They're a lipstick, they're a lip balm, they can leap tall buildings in a single bound if you throw them hard enough! They're lush, moisturizing, full coverage cover with the amazing colors and sparkle that Morgana is known for.

You know you want some.

Incidentally, did you also know that Morgana carries hair dye? She does! It's right here. Support indie, support local, and with Morgana's help, look amazingly gorgeous doing it.

**I should note here that Morgana did not ask me to make this blog post. I'm doing it for free, my opinions are completely my own, and I am receiving no samples or other compensation for this post. I just want to share the Morgana love.

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